I believe that I have a honey bee swarm living in the rafters of my house. My son was on the roof when he saw them.

I will occasionally find one lone scout in my upstairs bathroom. I hate to kill them, but I am allergic to bee stings.

I have sealed the window and around the dryer exhaust, and hope this will exclude my guests. I have heard that bees seem to be on the decline, and whole hives have disappeared for unclear reasons.

After all that, my question. If my honey bees have a healthy swarm, and they do not bother me,I don’t mind sharing my rafters with them, are there any reasons why they should not be allowed to stay?

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  • geoffkb

    There really isn’t any reason why you couldn’t let the bees stay in your attic. If they’re in there now you might have to take the roof apart to remove them. If you decide in the future, for whatever reason, that they should be removed, it’s not likely to be much more difficult than it is now.

    One word of caution, do not let anyone kill them in situ. If you kill the bees and don’t remove the combs, the combs will probably deteriorate and you’ll have honey dripping through the ceiling. If the bee colony dies out naturally, which might not be for a considerable time, it’ll probably be because they run out of stores in the spring, therefore no huge quantity of honey remaining.

    I’ve never seen honey dripping from a healthy hive, the bees are very able to control the temperature and maintain the combs.

  • Paul Pierce

    We have a hive next to our front upper patio and would appreciate you removing the hive if you would like to. We are in Rancho Bernardo.

    • geoffkb

      Usually we have to gain access to the combs, remove the combs and suspend them in frames in a hive, encourage the bees to enter the hive, close it up and take them away.

      The cost varies depending the details, such as how long the colony has been there, how large the colony is and how easily it can be accessed.

      If you would like to give us more information we’ll be happy to estimate the cost. Give us a call at 760-625-0626

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